About Authentic Leadership

You just have to read this:

I can’t wait for great authentic leadership to emerge from the current context in which the trust is shaken. In times of  crisis people discover ways to better deal with the future.

As an authentic leader, self-consciousness is absolutely fundamental. You cannot be  emotionally inteligent if you are not also self-aware. This require, in adition of maturity, an intense work of self-examination or individuation. The criticism, even the toughest,  are essential for the construction of self-awareness.  To do so, you need to get honest feedback from  followers, so the followers must be also authentic. If we are all reliable, genuine and probable, organizations will be better. Here the values are crucial. There has to be a framework of values in which all believe and consider vital to achieve.

In parallel, we have great need of someone that listens to us, understand us and, abose all, tells us the truth.  Authentic leaders have to mantaion a high level of motivation, especially in the area of  “trigger events”. Such extrinsic motivation will help to see problematic circumstances as an opportunity to change the future. So, how can one become an authentic leader?

  • Talk with all your heart, conquer the followers. This implies that, after having said what you want to do, you must do it;
  • Communicate openly and frequently with teh other, we need to dialogue. This is much more than only saying the truth.  The communication is not only compossed of good news. It includes that what’s good, bad or indiferent;
  • Make clear, from the beginning, the expectations and standards of behavior that the followers and leaders have to achieve.  Be the change you want to make;
  • Look for people to take up your comitments, reflecting on this without resentiment. Commiting with the goal, not with the plan;
  • Value people and invest in them in order to create feeling of well-being and commitment within the working group;
  • Take care of people without ever infantilizing, requiring them to take responsability and developing moral and ethical bases.

In short, the authentical leader demonstrates passion for the goals, practices consistently the values and leads with the heart as wll as with the head. She/he defines the long-term, meaningful relationships and has the self-discipline to achieve results. They know who they are.

Article written by Vitor Manuel Seco


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