Not JUST a Team

We all know what it is a team, it has no sense to start explaining it. And sometimes a team it is not just some people that work together, it is a bunch of people that enter in your life, some are leaving , but some are there with you for a lifetime. And all start with a “Hi, my name is… “.

Until now I worked in more than 15 teams and each experience was different, each experience taught me a lot about myself,  about a team, about winning, about losing, about going further, about people, about friendship. And I had good experiences and others which helped me develop more.

I heard a lot of time people saying that they want to be friends way long after the project is ended, but few keep their promise. It is not easy, you might say, but WHY? Or maybe it is about the “click” between people, about the way they are, about the things they go through together and it is about honesty and carrying about each other.

After years I remember and I will always remember the team that wasn’t just a team for me, it was and it is still more than that. Those people are some of my best friends and even though we worked only 3 months together and it was 3 years ago, we are still there for each other, when we meet it is celebration, and, with modesty, we are an example for other teams, we kept our promise. You won’t remember the results, you’ll remember the experience, you have the memories and the people, not the achievement.

What it takes to become a great team? A good leader, a crazy team-building, a purpose of being the best, 6 different people (in my case) that complete each other, support, fun, hard-working, passion and an open heart.

I wish you to have a team as I had and to feel what I am feeling every time I think at those people and I remember that period of my life.

For OC LPM 2, 2009 🙂

2 responses to “Not JUST a Team

  1. I love you Flo!! >:D<

  2. Same here, Dana. >:D<

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