Leader of Leaders

Leader, leadership, this words are used so often by everyone and you can’t stop asking: all of them know what that means? It is like a cliche and at a point it will lose its meaning.

Or, just because you coordinate a team doesn’t mean leadership, that is TEAM MANAGEMENT, if you were curious, and it is a big difference between this two concepts.

Once I took an interview to a management consultant who was also the owner of the company, and one of the questions was: “Your employees are overqualified managers and the usual motivators don’t work with them. How you motivate your team ?” . The answer it is not relevant now, but the question can be asked  in this way: “If you are a leader of other leaders, how you motivate them, how you manage them?”. Maybe it is easy to answer, but is harder to do it.

John Maxwell wrote in one of his books about The 5 levels of Leadership, and these are:

Level One – Leadership From Position. At this level people follow you because they have to. To be an effective leader at this level know your job, be prepared to accept responsibility, exercise authority with caution, assess the strengths and short comings of your people, do more than what is expected and challenge people with interesting and tough assignments. It is important that we recognize that Positional Level is the doorway to leadership and every successful leader must pass through this doorway.

Level Two – Leadership From Respect. People follow you because they want to. To be effective at the respect level, possess a genuine concern for your people. It is important that you see life through their eyes. Deal with wisely with difficult people and make employees successful by setting them up for success. This level forms the foundation for leadership success.

Level Three – Leadership From Results. People follow you because of what you have done for the organization. To be an effective leader at this level be prepared to initiate and accept responsibility for growth by developing a purpose and seeing it through to completion. Leadership from results is built on admiration for the leader.

Level Four – Leadership From People Development. People follow you because of what you have done for them. Focus your attention on the fact that people are your most valuable asset and your leadership success will depend on your ability to surround yourself with an inner core of competent people who compliment your leadership style and goals. Leadership from people development is built on loyalty.

Level Five – Leadership From Mentorship. People follow you because they respect you. As a leader you are bigger than life and your success is shown through a life of accomplishments. People seek you out after you have left the company because you have left an indelible mark on the organization and the employees.

If you coordinate a team of leaders at the 4th level of leadership, who passed through the level of position, the level of respect, the level of results and the level of people development, what can you offer them more? What can you offer them more as a leader? You might say that you are the 5th level and you still have the mentorship, but unfortunately a few people reach that level, most of the people stay at the level 4.

I don’t say this is the hardest thing in the world, but it is more complicated than to develop a person from zero and to make him a good leader, than to take in your team 4 developed leaders. The key is to find other ways to motivate them and offer them exactly what they are looking for. If you can do this with your team, this will help you grow as a leader.

What do you want: to develop people from zero and to make them leaders or to be a leader of other leaders and to find other ways to motivate and manage them?

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