This isn’t about me, this is about the people I love, this is about the ones that inspire me and this is about the people that make me the proudest person in this world.

Someone told me that only the boring people care about others and have friends and I prefer to be “boring” and to be happy in my boredom. To care is not a sin, to be happy for the success of others it is not hypocrisy and to see the beauty in every person it is not stupidity.

I won’t say why it is so great to help other person grow as an individual, I won’t say what impact can have in your life when you see that he is a better person with your help, doesn’t matter how small it is, but it matters a lot.

You can’t say you are proud of someone if you didn’t have an active role in his way of getting further.

Today I am proud of two great people, two people that I saw growing, making a lot of wonderful things and they still want to continue it. I wish you good luck, I wish you to accept the result how it will come and remember that all it will be how it has to be. I wish you to not give up, give the best of you and be a better version of yourself every day.

Mihai and Karinna, I was once team leader for each one of you, now I am your friend and you will have my support every time you’ll need it.

Good luck, guys. good-luck-comment-015


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