Admit that you are AMAZING

When was the last time when you said that you are an amazing person? Some people are afraid of saying this or they are really good on putting themselves down. I was one of them and maybe sometimes I still am. And all of this is because it is easier to see the flaws first and you need somebody else to make you open your eyes and  see the good behind this.

Then comes the question: what you understand by being amazing? Each person has a different answer for this and sometimes it depends on how low or high are our expectations from us, other people or life.  And I think another important variable, let’s say so, is how much we are aware of our success or if we have emotional intelligence or not.

I have a friend who didn’t like to say that she is extraordinary in her work and she preferred for the others to not tell her this. And I was one of the people that was telling her this with each occasion when we were meeting because I recognize a talent when I see it and I like to tell everybody how awesome are the people in my life. One of the reasons why my friend was like this is because she didn’t want to become arrogant until one day when I made her realise that it is healthy to recognize yourself for your hard-work and for your results. I also told her to repeat every day that she is great and this helped her a lot in her work and daily life.

My advice for you: tell yourself each day that you are amazing and you will attract only amazing people and events around you. And stay positive



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