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Irlanda- lectie de maturizare


Cel mai greu mi se pare sa rezum in cateva cuvinte o experienta care a marcat un pas important in dezvoltarea mea, care m-a ajutat sa cresc si sa fiu Flo de azi, care e total diferita fata de ceea ce am fost in urma cu mai bine de un an de zile.

Am sa fac tot posibilul sa impartasesc cele mai importante lectii pe care le-am invatat in minunata Irlanda.

Leadership: nu am sa incep sa vorbesc despre tot felul de lucruri legate de leadership, ci am sa impartasesc ultima lectie invatata. Leadershipul este un fel de compromis dintre lider si echipa sa, o relatie de reciprocitate, de adapatare, iar daca aceasta nu exista, atunci echipa nu are un lider, are un manager. Liderul este oglinda echipei sale si trebuie sa oglindeasca perfect dorintele si nevoile membrilor echipei. In momentul in care echipa ta iti urla din tot sufletul nevoile sale, lucrurile care ii motiveaza, iar tu alegi sa ignori asta si sa zici: “I don’t care, this is my style” si ca ei ar trebui sa se adapteze stilului tau, well, nu e un lucru prea bun si poate duce la distrugerea relatiei dintre voi.

Ambasador al tarii tale:  se stie ca strainii au o impresie extrem de proasta despre Romania, iar ceea ce am observat este faptul ca tot din cauza romanilor din afara se intampla asta. Si nu ma refer la actiunile unor persone care nu definesc adevarata fata a romanilor, ci din cauza “promovarii” gresite a tarii noastre de catre acestia. Da, Romania are multe probleme, dar ce tara nu are? Daca urasti Romania, fa-ne tuturor o favoare si stai in tara, leaga-te de pat sau de calorifer si stai tapan acasa, sau daca te decizi ca totusi vrei sa pleci, TACI sau du-te intr-o padure unde nu e nimeni in preajma si descarca-ti naduful, dar nu vorbi urat depsre Romania strainilor. Mai gandeste-te ca imaginea Romanaiei in afara se oglindeste in vorbele si actiunile tale si daca vrei sa fii tratat corect, atunci fi un ambasador bun al tarii tale.

Diferit: mda, toti suntem diferiti si speciali, prin urmare nimeni nu e diferit si special. STOP SAYING THAT YOU ARE DIFFERENT!!! Diferit a ajuns un cliseu, toata lumea zice asta despre ei insisi, dar actiunile si faptele nu denota asta.  Ce anume te face autentic? Ce te defineste numai pe tine? Te-ai gandit sa fii tu insuti? Este “la moda” sa copii, crezand ca asta te face “cool”. Bad news, you aren’t cool. Multi oameni isi doresc sa fie ca altii si in cele din urma isi pierd propria identitate, devin o copie ieftina, un fals. Fii tu, cu propriile tale pareri , cu propria ta personalitate. Fii cum vrei tu, nu cum vrea mama, bunica, vecina, fratele, societatea. Daca ma luam dupa mama, as fi fost doctorita, daca ma luam dupa vecina as fi fost maritata, daca ma luam dupa fratii mei, as fi fost…, milionara :), iar daca ma luam dupa societate, as fi fost un caine dresat. Be yourself, this makes you different.

To be continued!


Admit that you are AMAZING

When was the last time when you said that you are an amazing person? Some people are afraid of saying this or they are really good on putting themselves down. I was one of them and maybe sometimes I still am. And all of this is because it is easier to see the flaws first and you need somebody else to make you open your eyes and  see the good behind this.

Then comes the question: what you understand by being amazing? Each person has a different answer for this and sometimes it depends on how low or high are our expectations from us, other people or life.  And I think another important variable, let’s say so, is how much we are aware of our success or if we have emotional intelligence or not.

I have a friend who didn’t like to say that she is extraordinary in her work and she preferred for the others to not tell her this. And I was one of the people that was telling her this with each occasion when we were meeting because I recognize a talent when I see it and I like to tell everybody how awesome are the people in my life. One of the reasons why my friend was like this is because she didn’t want to become arrogant until one day when I made her realise that it is healthy to recognize yourself for your hard-work and for your results. I also told her to repeat every day that she is great and this helped her a lot in her work and daily life.

My advice for you: tell yourself each day that you are amazing and you will attract only amazing people and events around you. And stay positive


Giving up- not an option

Life isn’t good, life isn’t bad, it’s just the way it is.

One friend told me that 95% of people give up fighting when they are one step closer to what they really want. I am not good with statistics so I don’t know if it is true, but I know that sometimes you want to stop when you have another challenge in your way. You feel that you don’t have the power to go further, you are tired and you feel that everything falls apart. And it is sometimes so hard to talk with somebody, you try to ignore it and suffer alone. I know perfectly how this feels like and recently I was one of those who want to stop fighting for their dreams.

Bob Marley said: ” You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”.

The only thing that we always forget is that we are not alone, it is always at least one person that wants and can help us from where you don’t expect it.  However, if we don’t try to help ourselves first, nobody will do it for us. And giving up is not an option, even though we are sick and tired, we have to find the power to go on and to make our dreams come true.

Remember, sooner or later everything will be alright, you just need to believe in this and to not give up.


This isn’t about me, this is about the people I love, this is about the ones that inspire me and this is about the people that make me the proudest person in this world.

Someone told me that only the boring people care about others and have friends and I prefer to be “boring” and to be happy in my boredom. To care is not a sin, to be happy for the success of others it is not hypocrisy and to see the beauty in every person it is not stupidity.

I won’t say why it is so great to help other person grow as an individual, I won’t say what impact can have in your life when you see that he is a better person with your help, doesn’t matter how small it is, but it matters a lot.

You can’t say you are proud of someone if you didn’t have an active role in his way of getting further.

Today I am proud of two great people, two people that I saw growing, making a lot of wonderful things and they still want to continue it. I wish you good luck, I wish you to accept the result how it will come and remember that all it will be how it has to be. I wish you to not give up, give the best of you and be a better version of yourself every day.

Mihai and Karinna, I was once team leader for each one of you, now I am your friend and you will have my support every time you’ll need it.

Good luck, guys. good-luck-comment-015

The Challenger

We all heard about the black sheep and we directly associate it with something negative.  But why? The black sheep is always the sheep that gets out of the crowd, you can’t ignore her, you can’t not notice her. I think this was the way that most of the people decided to face the ones that are not like them, in a good or bad way. Instead of  black sheep let’s call that person The challenger.

The Challenger is the kind of person that most of the weak leaders are afraid of and the kind of person that most of the great leaders are looking for. Why? Because The challenger take the things further, challenges the others, makes the other think more and, most of all, strives for success.

I met some challengers and what I noticed they all have in common is that they see the things how the others can’t see, they search for unconventional and most of them have a strong personality.

They are hated by their team workers until they are understood or, in the worst case scenario, they are hated for a long time. To have this kind of person in your team has advantages, but also can have disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that they are hard to control and to manage, especially if you don’t have their speed or if you don’t find a way to make them understand the “why?” behind everything you do or they have to do, or, if don’t gain their respect (this is the rarest case, but it can happen). Also, they can be really stubborn and they want to do the things only in their way. Here it is important to try to reach a compromise or to have very good arguments.

The advantage is that they strive for excellence,  they can have innovative ideas and they don’t give up until they get the results that satisfies them.  The challengers are motivated mostly by the success they brought for the team.  You could say that they have a key role in the team, by the way they are and by the things they can do.

Steve Jobs once said :

 “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Even though not all the challengers change the world, they strive for this.


Start doing it!

For some time I said that I will start writing in english on my blog, but every time I tried, it was just trying. But I preferred to say I can’t write in English. Bad choice. “I can’t” without really trying it doesn’t count. Maybe I had just to start doing it. And now I am doing it, I don’t know if it is good or bad, I will find this out eventually , but for now I want to do it. It’s that simple, isn’t it?

A lot of years I said I don’t know to cook, I am bad at it, but I never tried it very hard. I had a lot of excuses, the kitchen is to far from my room, I don’t have time, I don’t have all I need and so on. Now I am cooking, with some help from the internet, but I am doing it. And I am not that bad as I thought, at least from the feedback received. Funny, isn’t it?

Last year I said that I don’t like marketing and I won’t never be good at it, but now I realize that I know some stuff and it is really cool, and now I like it and I am not that bad at it.

How many times we say we can’t do that, or we are not that good, or we could never do that without trying it? You never know what you could discover about yourself, maybe it is really easy, maybe you would like it, maybe you are good at it, or bad, at least you will know for sure.

I promised myself that I will try and do all the things I want and I won’t let my fear or something else stopping me from doing it. If it is good or bad doesn’t really matter, but at least I will know for sure, without no assumptions.

All the best.

P.S.: it is my first post in English, so please be gentle :).

Departe de casa

E usor sa spui ca vrei sa pleci departe si sa nu te mai intorci, e usor sa iti faci bagajul, sa te urci in avion si sa o iei din loc. Si e si mai usor sa urasti o tara decat sa o iubesti, sa crezi in ea si sa o protejezi.  Romania- o tara condamnata la ura si nepasarea tuturor.

Mereu am spus ca daca toti ar incerca sa schimbe ceva, poate ca lucrurile ar fi stat altfel. Din ce in ce mai multi pleaca in strainatate sa studieze pentru ca, recunosc, sistemul de invatamant din Romania a decazut enorm, dar foarte putini se mai intorc. Pacat. Romania pierde oameni inteligenti pe zi ce trece si toti fug spre o viata mai buna in loc sa aiba curajul sa ramana pentru a face in Romania o viata mai buna.

Eu am plecat cu gandul sa ma intorc cand voi simti ca sunt pregatita sa contribui cu adevarat la realizarea unui lucru bun in Romania, sa ma intorc cand voi putea oferi ceva maret societatii, sa ma intorc cand voi avea destul curaj sa lupt cu un sistem care a alungat atatia oameni peste hotare. Suna utopic, pentru unii pot parea cuvinte aruncate de-aiurea, dar eu cred in asta. Eu inca cred in Romania. Daca fiecare ar face cate un lucru mic, impreuna ar putea construi un intreg solid, dar trebuie sa ne pese si sa vrem sa facem asta.

Nu imi place ca sunt departe de casa, nu imi place cand merg pe strada si nu aud limba romana, nu imi place Dublinul asa cum imi place Iasiul si cu siguranta nu imi place vremea asta stupida. Imi e dor. Imi e dor de mama, chiar daca ne vedeam rar, imi e dor de Copou, imi e dor de mancarea de acasa, imi e dor de prietenii mei dragi, imi e dor sa vorbesc doar in romana toata ziua,  imi e dor de drumul de la Iasi spre casa, imi e dor de tara mea draga.

Da, a fost usor sa plec, mi-am facut bagajul, m-am urcat in avion si am plecat. Dar nu m-am gandit ca e asa de greu sa stau departe.

Tin minte si acum drumul de acasa la Iasi, de unde urma sa iau autocarul spre aeroport. Cand eram in microbuz ma gandeam sa raman, sa nu mai plec, dar apoi imi spuneam ca o sa fie bine. Si cand eram in Iasi, chiar daca a fost o zi cu peripetii, a fost asa de bine sa stau cu prietenii mei si sa rad cu ei, de parca nu urma sa plec departe peste doar cateva ore.

Cateodata stau si ma gandesc ca nu ar fi trebuit sa plec, as fi facut altceva in tara, dar imi amintesc ca am vrut sa plec doar pentru a ma pregati pentru o viata mai buna in Romania.

E usor sa pleci, dar nu e usor sa fii departe de casa.