Skills- and what next???

Nowadays, it is crucial to have developed a lot if skills because this helps you find a better job or it  helps you achieve your goals.

Most of the students think they are skilled just because they have a University degree and they are not aware of the fact that this is not true, especially in this days, when the competition is high and you have to have something to differentiate from the others.

Okay, you are a skilled person, you know a lot of things, you have some great experience of work (corporate or volunteer), but what you’ll gonna do next? What are your plans? At what company do you want to work? A big mistake that most of the people do is that they have an idea about what they would like to do in the future, in which field they want to do, but they don’t have a concrete plan.  Think at 5 companies where you want to work and start preparing. Don’t think you don’t have a chance, don’t think that you can’t do it, don’t think that you should wait until you have more experience. Go for it! You don’t have nothing to lose.

This is the lesson that I learned this week from my coach, Kevin. When he asked me to tell him 5 companies where I want to apply for a job, for some moments I was shocked because I couldn’t answer him immediately. I don’t think I really thought about this until that moment. I just had in mind a company where I said I don’t have any chances now and that I need more experience.  After the discussion with Kevin, I realized that I have the skills that company is looking for and the only thing that was stopping me was ME.

Thank you, Kevin, you are the best coach I could ever have.

Now, it is time to start preparing for applying to my dream company, so see you next time.


Leader of Leaders

Leader, leadership, this words are used so often by everyone and you can’t stop asking: all of them know what that means? It is like a cliche and at a point it will lose its meaning.

Or, just because you coordinate a team doesn’t mean leadership, that is TEAM MANAGEMENT, if you were curious, and it is a big difference between this two concepts.

Once I took an interview to a management consultant who was also the owner of the company, and one of the questions was: “Your employees are overqualified managers and the usual motivators don’t work with them. How you motivate your team ?” . The answer it is not relevant now, but the question can be asked  in this way: “If you are a leader of other leaders, how you motivate them, how you manage them?”. Maybe it is easy to answer, but is harder to do it.

John Maxwell wrote in one of his books about The 5 levels of Leadership, and these are:

Level One – Leadership From Position. At this level people follow you because they have to. To be an effective leader at this level know your job, be prepared to accept responsibility, exercise authority with caution, assess the strengths and short comings of your people, do more than what is expected and challenge people with interesting and tough assignments. It is important that we recognize that Positional Level is the doorway to leadership and every successful leader must pass through this doorway.

Level Two – Leadership From Respect. People follow you because they want to. To be effective at the respect level, possess a genuine concern for your people. It is important that you see life through their eyes. Deal with wisely with difficult people and make employees successful by setting them up for success. This level forms the foundation for leadership success.

Level Three – Leadership From Results. People follow you because of what you have done for the organization. To be an effective leader at this level be prepared to initiate and accept responsibility for growth by developing a purpose and seeing it through to completion. Leadership from results is built on admiration for the leader.

Level Four – Leadership From People Development. People follow you because of what you have done for them. Focus your attention on the fact that people are your most valuable asset and your leadership success will depend on your ability to surround yourself with an inner core of competent people who compliment your leadership style and goals. Leadership from people development is built on loyalty.

Level Five – Leadership From Mentorship. People follow you because they respect you. As a leader you are bigger than life and your success is shown through a life of accomplishments. People seek you out after you have left the company because you have left an indelible mark on the organization and the employees.

If you coordinate a team of leaders at the 4th level of leadership, who passed through the level of position, the level of respect, the level of results and the level of people development, what can you offer them more? What can you offer them more as a leader? You might say that you are the 5th level and you still have the mentorship, but unfortunately a few people reach that level, most of the people stay at the level 4.

I don’t say this is the hardest thing in the world, but it is more complicated than to develop a person from zero and to make him a good leader, than to take in your team 4 developed leaders. The key is to find other ways to motivate them and offer them exactly what they are looking for. If you can do this with your team, this will help you grow as a leader.

What do you want: to develop people from zero and to make them leaders or to be a leader of other leaders and to find other ways to motivate and manage them?


E timpul sa fim funky, hai sa fim funky.

Banalitatea incepe sa fie tot mai mult data la o parte si funky-ul iese in fata, sau asa ar trebui.  Totul incepe de la fiecare individ in parte si apoi ajunge si la nivelul unei organizatii sau comunitati. Intr-o lume in care toate pietele sunt invadate de mii de produse identice/ persoane identice, trebuie sa iesi din tipar deoarece sunt sanse mari sa ramai in anonimatul cotidian.

Zilnic se lucreaza la crearea viitoarei generatii de robotei dresati, carora le este distrusa creativitatea si sunt invatati sa fie toti la fel, niste jucarii ale societatii. Partea buna e ca traim in secolul informatiei si fiecare persoana e libera sa aleaga informatiile care il intereseaza, iar unele persoane stiu cum sa foloseasca informatia mult mai bine si mai cu folos ceea ce le aduce un mare avantaj.

Chiar daca conceptul de funky a pornit de la un stil de muzica,  acum funky reprezinta altceva, fiind inteles si manifestat de fiecare in alt fel, dar punctul comun e ca fiecare intelege prin funky a iesi in evidenta prin ceva.

In ultimul timp se vorbeste mult despre individualism, insa majoritatea inteleg prin asta sa fie egoisti, sa nu le pese de altii sau de altceva si sa isi protejeze particica.  Nu, nu e vorba de asta, este vorba despre talent, este vorba de a fi diferit, unic, autentic. Este vorba de a avea acel ceva care te scoate in evidenta. Este vorba sa devii persoana care nu trebuie sa spuna nimic despre ea, care nu trebuie sa-si faca publicitate pentru ca lumea stie cine este.

Be so Good they can’t Ignore you! Ce te face pe tine UNIC?

Not JUST a Team

We all know what it is a team, it has no sense to start explaining it. And sometimes a team it is not just some people that work together, it is a bunch of people that enter in your life, some are leaving , but some are there with you for a lifetime. And all start with a “Hi, my name is… “.

Until now I worked in more than 15 teams and each experience was different, each experience taught me a lot about myself,  about a team, about winning, about losing, about going further, about people, about friendship. And I had good experiences and others which helped me develop more.

I heard a lot of time people saying that they want to be friends way long after the project is ended, but few keep their promise. It is not easy, you might say, but WHY? Or maybe it is about the “click” between people, about the way they are, about the things they go through together and it is about honesty and carrying about each other.

After years I remember and I will always remember the team that wasn’t just a team for me, it was and it is still more than that. Those people are some of my best friends and even though we worked only 3 months together and it was 3 years ago, we are still there for each other, when we meet it is celebration, and, with modesty, we are an example for other teams, we kept our promise. You won’t remember the results, you’ll remember the experience, you have the memories and the people, not the achievement.

What it takes to become a great team? A good leader, a crazy team-building, a purpose of being the best, 6 different people (in my case) that complete each other, support, fun, hard-working, passion and an open heart.

I wish you to have a team as I had and to feel what I am feeling every time I think at those people and I remember that period of my life.

For OC LPM 2, 2009 🙂

Start doing it!

For some time I said that I will start writing in english on my blog, but every time I tried, it was just trying. But I preferred to say I can’t write in English. Bad choice. “I can’t” without really trying it doesn’t count. Maybe I had just to start doing it. And now I am doing it, I don’t know if it is good or bad, I will find this out eventually , but for now I want to do it. It’s that simple, isn’t it?

A lot of years I said I don’t know to cook, I am bad at it, but I never tried it very hard. I had a lot of excuses, the kitchen is to far from my room, I don’t have time, I don’t have all I need and so on. Now I am cooking, with some help from the internet, but I am doing it. And I am not that bad as I thought, at least from the feedback received. Funny, isn’t it?

Last year I said that I don’t like marketing and I won’t never be good at it, but now I realize that I know some stuff and it is really cool, and now I like it and I am not that bad at it.

How many times we say we can’t do that, or we are not that good, or we could never do that without trying it? You never know what you could discover about yourself, maybe it is really easy, maybe you would like it, maybe you are good at it, or bad, at least you will know for sure.

I promised myself that I will try and do all the things I want and I won’t let my fear or something else stopping me from doing it. If it is good or bad doesn’t really matter, but at least I will know for sure, without no assumptions.

All the best.

P.S.: it is my first post in English, so please be gentle :).

Departe de casa

E usor sa spui ca vrei sa pleci departe si sa nu te mai intorci, e usor sa iti faci bagajul, sa te urci in avion si sa o iei din loc. Si e si mai usor sa urasti o tara decat sa o iubesti, sa crezi in ea si sa o protejezi.  Romania- o tara condamnata la ura si nepasarea tuturor.

Mereu am spus ca daca toti ar incerca sa schimbe ceva, poate ca lucrurile ar fi stat altfel. Din ce in ce mai multi pleaca in strainatate sa studieze pentru ca, recunosc, sistemul de invatamant din Romania a decazut enorm, dar foarte putini se mai intorc. Pacat. Romania pierde oameni inteligenti pe zi ce trece si toti fug spre o viata mai buna in loc sa aiba curajul sa ramana pentru a face in Romania o viata mai buna.

Eu am plecat cu gandul sa ma intorc cand voi simti ca sunt pregatita sa contribui cu adevarat la realizarea unui lucru bun in Romania, sa ma intorc cand voi putea oferi ceva maret societatii, sa ma intorc cand voi avea destul curaj sa lupt cu un sistem care a alungat atatia oameni peste hotare. Suna utopic, pentru unii pot parea cuvinte aruncate de-aiurea, dar eu cred in asta. Eu inca cred in Romania. Daca fiecare ar face cate un lucru mic, impreuna ar putea construi un intreg solid, dar trebuie sa ne pese si sa vrem sa facem asta.

Nu imi place ca sunt departe de casa, nu imi place cand merg pe strada si nu aud limba romana, nu imi place Dublinul asa cum imi place Iasiul si cu siguranta nu imi place vremea asta stupida. Imi e dor. Imi e dor de mama, chiar daca ne vedeam rar, imi e dor de Copou, imi e dor de mancarea de acasa, imi e dor de prietenii mei dragi, imi e dor sa vorbesc doar in romana toata ziua,  imi e dor de drumul de la Iasi spre casa, imi e dor de tara mea draga.

Da, a fost usor sa plec, mi-am facut bagajul, m-am urcat in avion si am plecat. Dar nu m-am gandit ca e asa de greu sa stau departe.

Tin minte si acum drumul de acasa la Iasi, de unde urma sa iau autocarul spre aeroport. Cand eram in microbuz ma gandeam sa raman, sa nu mai plec, dar apoi imi spuneam ca o sa fie bine. Si cand eram in Iasi, chiar daca a fost o zi cu peripetii, a fost asa de bine sa stau cu prietenii mei si sa rad cu ei, de parca nu urma sa plec departe peste doar cateva ore.

Cateodata stau si ma gandesc ca nu ar fi trebuit sa plec, as fi facut altceva in tara, dar imi amintesc ca am vrut sa plec doar pentru a ma pregati pentru o viata mai buna in Romania.

E usor sa pleci, dar nu e usor sa fii departe de casa.


Step down sau Step Up?

Vad ca in ultima vreme se poarta chestii de genul ” that awkward moment when…”, asa ca am sa-l incerc si eu pe al meu: That awkward moment when you realize you aren’t a leader anymore, you are a team member”.

Dap, acest moment il traiesc acum la intensitate maxima, iar lucrul cu care ma lupt acum e sa trec de la mindset-ul de lider la cel de coechipier, sa ma obisnuiesc cu ideea ca anul urmator nu voi mai avea o echipa de oameni pe care sa o conduc si sa o dezvolt.

O intrebare imi da tarcoale: e vorba de un pas in jos sau de un pas mai sus? Esti un lider daca nu conduci o echipa? Ce il face pe un om sa fie lider?

Pentru ca imi place sa ma implic in diferite activitati, de cand sunt in Dublin mi-am mai luat o oportunitate in alta organizatie internationala, si anume sa fiu in echipa de organizare a unei conferinte despre leadership, organizata de JCI Dublin. Saptamana asta am avut o discutie foarte interesanta cu echipa despre leadership, despre ce e nevoie pentru ca un om sa-si dezvolte aceasta abilitate. Primul lucru care trebuie facut este: start doing, e atat de simplu de facut cat e de zis. Toti marii lideri asa au pornit, au vrut sa realizeze cevva, au actionat si au reusit.

Ce am observat in Irlanda e faptul ca oamenii asociaza liderul cu pozitia pe care o persoana o ocupa, se crede ca lideri sunt numai cei care au o pozitie de conducere intr-o companie sau in Guvern. Oare la asta se rezuma totul?

Sunt atatea teorii despre acest subiect pentru ca fiecare il vede in felul sau, si uneori este confundat cu antreprenoriatul.  Acest lucru l-am observat cand ne gandeam la potentiali speakeri pentru conferinta, iar majoritatea spuneau ca ar trebui sa chemam CEOs ale unor companii mari sau antreprenori care au construit o afacere de succes. Nu zic ca ei nu sunt lideri, spun doar ca nu numai ei fac parte din aceasta categorie. Pot fi si oameni care lucreaza in ONG-uri sau oameni care au avut o idee de proiect care a adus un impact sau schimbare in comunitate sau oameni care au revolutionat ceva in domeniul lor. Sau mai pot fi studenti care se implica si in alte activitati decat facultatea si care se diferentiaza de colegii lor. Un lider actioneaza, iar daca reuseste sa inspire macar doi oameni inseamna ca e pe drumul cel bun.

Pozitia e doar un plafon pe care trebuie sa construim, dar pana la urma, actiunile noastre ne definesc. Uneori, poate ca suntem lideri pentru anumite persoane fara ca noi sa ne dam seama de asta, nu trebuie sa avem neaparat o echipa “oficiala”.

Cineva mi-a zis o data ca daca as fi avut o echipa, fiecare membru ar fi realizat 10 rezultate, iar intreaga echipa ar fi realizat 50. Dar in cazul acesta, doar o singura persoana poate realiza cele 50 de rezultate (acesta e doar un exemplu 😀 ), ceea ce e un lucru minunat. Chiar daca eu voi fi responsabilul final si chiar daca eu voi conduce o arie la nivel national, voi avea sprijinul si ajutorul celor 4 colegi de echipa, ceea ce e foarte important.

Sa treci de la team leader la team member nu e intotdeauna un pas in jos, ci este un pas in sus, depinde cum vrei sa privesti lucrurile.

Pentru tine ce ar fi: step down sau step up?